Welcome to Plone

This site aims to offer a first insight into the current Plone version 5.1. But please have in mind that this is a development version and still not all problems are solved.

How you start!

Before getting familiar with our Plone demo website, please ensure you logged in using the Log in link in the upper left corner, chosing one of the available roles:

username: reviewerpassword: plone5
username: site-adminpassword: plone5
username: adminpassword: plone5

Notice: This demosite is being reset to its original state regularly (around midnight CET). Please understand this is undoing all changes you may have made. If you wish to make substantial changes to this Plone site we can easily set up a testing site for your convenience.

Get comfortable

After that, we suggest you do one or more of the following:

Make it your own

Plone has a lot of different settings that can be used to make it do what you want it to. Some examples:

Next steps


We advise on introducing a website based on the content management system Plone. We are happy to share our experiences of methodologies and chosing the right services with you.

Test site

We can set up a test site on one of our servers or inhouse on your hardware. Such a test site includes the installation of a portal set up according to your specifications as well as a one-day workshop for administrators and editors. This way you are introduced to the system and may comprehensively try out the test site after the workshop. If applicable we can provide the employee portal branded or themed with your logo or corporate design. Do ask for a quote and an individual offer for this kind of requirement.

Cost estimate

You are interested in a website based on Plone and would like to know beforehand how much it would be? On request we can do an estimation of time and effort for configuration, adaption and development.You are interested in a Plone site and have further questions? Please contact us.

Thank you for trying out Plone. I hope you will be thrilled!

Sincerely, Veit Schiele